“Spirituality is the umbilical cord and intuition it’s voice which connects you to the highest part of you.” Flora Hazel Tysee

Have you realized that as a woman, your intuition is directly connected to your spirituality? It’s the supreme connection to what you feel, what you know and how you’re being guided. You are being guided by your spirit and learning to trust what you are feeling is the most critical component of being connected with your intuition. As you deepen your spirituality, you recognize that trusting your intuition means trusting your spiritual voice. Ultimately, it determines your choice of behaviors and your course of action.

Spirituality is the deep connection you have with the core of your being which is unalterable, unchangeable and all good. Quite simply, your spirituality is the umbilical cord to the highest part of your being. Intuition is the voice of your spirituality. It is the answer to your question before you ask. Awareness before you understand and certainty you are correct without committee. Your spiritual voice is the real you. This voice has been with you since conception and this voice will be with you through eternity. It is yours forever.

Throughout the centuries, a great deal has been penned and contemplated regarding the intuition of women. Many have scoffed at the belief that it exists. However, a woman’s intuition has been evidenced to be correct in many instances. Consider the numerous occasions when beset with an intuitive feeling that you can’t explain, all you can say is “I just know.” You feel it’s “your gut” or “a hunch”, nevertheless, it’s your intuition speaking loudly, clearly and many times very intensely. Men have intuition as well as the spiritual voice is without gender, however, unfortunately, most people are more inclined to associate intuition with women. The spiritual voice however seeks the heart and is indifferent to the sex of the listener.

Knowing that you are tethered to this spiritual voice that speaks through your intuition, the question then becomes: How do I distinguish between my spiritual voice and my ego voice? How can I be certain that what I am hearing is coming from my spiritual voice and not my ego voice? Asking the following questions and writing down your answers may help in distinguishing between the two.

1. Does it reflect the highest good within you?
2. Does it offer the opportunity of good for all concerned?
3. Do you trust that you are being guided correctly?
4. Do you believe if you follow this advice that all will work out as it should?
5. Does your decision harm anyone intentionally?
6. Is the information consistent with doing what is right?
7. Do you feel peace or discomfort with what is being told to you?
8. If there is discomfort, is it a fear of some type that is attached?
9. If there is fear, are you willing to unearth the root cause?
10. Do you feel a sense of satisfaction without vindication with your decision?
11. As time moves forward, will be happy with your decision?
12. Do you continue to question whether the decision is correct?

Your spirituality/ intuition are important components of your self-improvement. Don’t dismiss those strong feelings that you can’t shake. Relax your mind to allow your true voice to emerge. Your voice is centuries old and will never lead you astray. Decisions seem easier if you remain tethered to this highest part of you.

Reconnect or deepen your connection to this highest part of you so that you may reap unimaginable benefits to you and those you love. You will never regret empowering yourself with your birthright. It is the umbilical cord that has been tethered to you since your beginning and if you learn to utilize what is already yours and within you, your life will make for a less unencumbered journey.