One day I had a fantasy Of warm sun and light blue ocean
Furthermore, palm trees by the shoreline
Furthermore, there you were, you and me
Moving through the starlit night
Making love all as the day progressed
So we went to the city we had always wanted
Furthermore, strolled the desolate avenues of the city
We began brimming with home
The world was in our grasp In any case, very soon it fled
Like sand through our hands
We”d hustle here and hustle there
From first light til end of day
In any case, we never got no place
On the frosty desolate roads of the city Presently
I walk the frosty and desolate roads
A lost and broken man
Presently you”re gone I can”t go on
I”ve done as well as can be expected
So stay where you”ve gone to young lady
I”ll soon be long gon
gMy life is quite recently running out
On the chilly and forlorn lanes the cityon a cold night in the streets of unknown