One of the best ways to reduce stress is to start a fitness-training program.
Many diseases and illnesses are the direct result of stress, and exercise helps to counter the negative effects that stress has on our mind and body.

Even a light workout or a walk in the park can be beneficial for stress reduction. By increasing the intensity of the exercise our body begins to release endorphins, which makes us feel happier and this counters the effects of stress.

As our levels of fitness increase we are able to handle more stress both in body and mind, as being physically fit also leads to a more positive outlook on life and less problems are likely to influence this outlook. We become more alert as we get fitter and tasks that might have been difficult become easier to achieve. This ability to perform more in a day with less effort has a dramatic effect on our stress levels.

In addition to this, when we exercise outdoors we get the benefits of fresh air, which is something that many people don’t get enough of in the air conditioned environments that we have become accustomed to.

The more we exercise the less we are inclined to suffer from the negative effects of stress and this reduction in stress allows us to exercise more easily as our energy levels rise. It becomes and ever increasing positive circle of less stress and more fitness.

People often get into a ‘rut’ where they feel they don’t have the time to exercise as they have too much to do, when in fact if they took the time to exercise they would have more energy and better health that would allow them to do more in the course of the day. They would find they could be more productive and do so in a more relaxed manner.