Sunshine creeps via my curtains each morning,
and shines its vivid sparks on my face,
until i give up to its provocation,
and to the day that lies earlier than me.
even though i dislike the mornings,
i locate that i can’t withstand its rays,
rays of hope from up high,
from the clean and cloudless summer sky.
my feets lower themselves to the floor,
i throw on some clothes,
eat a chunk,
and i’m out to door,
up to the lake for a stroll,
i do some rounds,
at the same time as staring at life there, specifically the various species of birds,
i could continue to be here for hours,
but i have to head back and get equipped for work,
after that i’m able to relaxation my head on my pillow,
and dream of the times i spend at the lake

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