the arena’s runway is overflowing with
glamourous divas and splendor queens
fashioned through a cosmetic pen

on occasion even below the pores and skin
there’s a excessive rate concerned
in pursuit of fatal attraction
maximum girls grasp to their teens
and desire to assert the self asserting identify
splendor is some distance from undying for the person
all the time being changed by means of the up and coming
it can be quite distressing
the effort worried can be quite testing
however humans continuously attempt for picture
no rest for the wicked, or the imageobsessed it appears

clinging to their cameras
click on
until they attain delight
strive as you can
however beauty is in the attention of the beholder.
interspatial conversation

pushed by means of necessity and dependancy
taking no heed of the significance of freedom
the goods of controlled illusions
precluded with the aid of conviction
topics of managed experiments

dismiss of ethics
in pursuit of order with
guarantees of discretion
pushed with the aid of greed or
pushed via need?
here lies the query
divisions of the mind
only one side authorised dominance
in tandem – but never similarly manifested

the weaker craving for some stage of cooperation
ought to they be disposed of whilst not needed.
a creation of lifestyles
is transcendental
what goes around comes round
we’re told
why might one exist just for the sake of it?
the simplest of existence has cause.
the epitome of interspatial communique
the universe- a medium for the psychology of volition