If you’ve ever aspired to get more fit, you have most likely considered starting a fitness bootcamp. These bootcamps go by many names, and they can be offered by personal trainers, gyms, your place of work, or other organizations. Basically, a fitness bootcamp is a group exercise program led by a professional instructor. The instructor’s job is to get you and the other members on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Most bootcamps will have a set timeframe, whether it’s 30 days or multiple months. In any case, your job is to commit to showing up to the daily, weekly, or bi-monthly classes. These classes could be exercise routines you do with the group or they can also consist of consultations of some sort to help you learn about a healthy lifestyle and get your questions answered.

Each bootcamp is a bit different, it all depends on what the goal of the bootcamp is, who’s leading it, and what you are trying to get out of it. Many people lose weight successfully without joining such a group, but it can actually prove to be extremely beneficial. While you can most certainly lose weight at home, all on your own, it’s always easier to do things if you have motivation and accountability.

A fitness bootcamp gives you both. You’ll be connected with likeminded people who share a common goal and, depending on the degree of the bootcamp, you might even receive personal coaching or some way to contact the coach or other group members outside of the classes. This will help you stay accountable, motivated, and focused on your goals. There’s really no better way to get fitter than with the help of other people.

Plus, joining a bootcamp gives you the chance to share your story with other people and hear the inspiring stories of others. You’re likely to make some new friends in the process and get lots of support. Since many people lack support in their family or household, this group can prove to be your saving grace as you start your weight loss journey because it means you won’t be losing weight alone.