People of all ages can get substantial benefits from including resistance training into their exercise regime.

Even elderly people can find noticeable improvements in their health.
By adding resistance training their muscles will become stronger and this will help them with balance, which becomes all-important as they age.
By becoming stronger elderly people also become more independent as they will be less likely to rely on others.

Research has also shown that resistance training improves bone density and this is an important aspect of good health for people of all ages.
Bones are constantly ‘growing’ as with all parts of the body, however this process slows down as we age.
Resistance training helps to address this aging process by maintaining good bone density.

Post-menopausal women are particularly prone to problems relating to bone density as their hormones change and they can benefit considerably from resistance training.

Along with proper nutrition, resistance training is one of the most effective methods of reducing fat.
And along with fat reduction you can expect a leaner body.
Muscle burns fat so any program that increases your muscle mass will help to burn the fat.
You are effectively burning fat to feed the muscles.

Research has also proven that resistance training has many other beneficial effects for your health from lowering blood pressure and lowering your heart rate while at rest.
This will obviously reduce the risk of heart disease quite considerably.

The additional strength that can be gained from resistance training serves to help anyone lead a more active lifestyle.
With the added benefits of strength, fat loss, balance and the ability to slow the aging process, there is nothing quite like it to help you live longer and be happier along the way.

It doesn’t need to be something that rules your life, as even a little bit of training will benefit you, however, doing it consistently will result in a better return for the time you invest in your health.