The day did not get off to a good start.
I almost did not make it in time as

I struggled to find the church,
then a place to park and so on.
On reflecting the next morning on the happiness of the day,
I found these words almost on the tip of my tongue, waiting to be written down.
Wedding Happiness A steeple tall, carved stone, distressed beams
An English church, a country scene
High on a hill overlooking the parish
A beautiful place for a wonderful marriage

Friends and family take to the pews
Groom and best-man await the news
The bride has arrived – dressed in satin and lace
Diamantes and sequins hand-stitched in place

T wo beautiful bridesmaids bouquets in hand
Follow the bride to where she will stand
There at the altar beside her groom
An air of expectation fills the whole room

Welcome to all, the service begins
A choir and the organ lead the singing of hymns
Prayers are said, rings are blessed
The register signed, the marriage witnessed

Once more at the altar joined hand in hand
The bride and her groom patiently stand
Now is the moment to start their new life
As the vicar announces they are now

Man and WifeCameras flash as the groom kisses his bride
The congregation are happy, but some teary-eyed
Shedding tears of happiness, in this ceremony to share
On a perfect wedding day for this beloved pair.

Confetti and photos complete the day
A white limousine to whisk them away
Champagne and speeches, good food, the best wine
The first dance is theirs –
to let their love shine

Good cheer to you both and much happiness
May the future you share, truly be blessed!…
The surprising part is that
I truly did enjoy this wedding and yet in the past I would have found the
whole thing stressful.Also
I wonder – What is it about being happy that frees up my creativity in this way?