Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

It has existed since the beginning of time and most likely will remain until time ceases to exist. Throughout the centuries it has challenged the greatest of the spiritual Masters; however, it claims its greatest victory was won when it separated the first man and woman from the Creator with a piece of fruit. From that moment forward, it has relentlessly pursued generation upon generation of spiritual assault. While it may appear to create spiritual assault, the assault is never permanent because it requires a willing soul, and unless you are willing, it cannot exact any influence upon you.

Peter, the Apostle, was very aware of the prowess of this crafty chameleon. As it has existed for centuries, Peter understood you must be “sober-minded and watchful” as “it” as described in the definition from Wikipedia “is the serpent in Christianity, the human opponent in Judaism, the enemy in Islam and the lowest of the human nature within the Baha’i Faith.” It seeks to devour your mind, your body and most importantly your soul. Whatever definition you subscribe to, it still remains, “d-evil” and it is “the evil.” Quite possibly, centuries ago, it may have been simply “the evil.” However, as it wormed its way through soul after soul creating separation between the Creator and his offspring, one soul may have shouted “damn evil!” and it was shortened to “d-evil” and later became “devil.” However it came, it has remained and it is “pure evil.”

Peter was absolutely correct when he stated “the devil is your adversary.” You must be persistent in keeping the doors to your mind closed to him as he is “thought nurtured.” He will go to any length to capture and hold your thoughts hostage as this is his only means of survival. Without your thoughts “he cannot exist.” His power is the power you bestow upon him through your thoughts and he is quite persistent when he is “on the prowl” within your mind.
Remember the devil’s sole purpose is to “oppose and obstruct” anything within your spirit that is righteous and good. He has crafted his art of “seek and destroy” throughout the ages and you must be deliberately diligent to ensure that you remain “sober-minded and watchful” within your mind as he is always seeking to destroy and keep you separated from your Creator and all that is good “about you” and “for you.” Be diligent, be relentless and be persistence in your efforts and give your best effort so “the d-evil” never wins.