The devils fire of darkness
A mariner’s bunch tied on a waterless morning
This evening obligation calls without a reasonable cautioning
A stroll through the smoky Mardi Gras town
While the skies are torching and falling
God at nightfall and affection with second thoughts
What I recall that I plan to overlook
Looking down from the stairs, machines where blasting
As memory serves the fiery debris continued falling like November light black rain in a silver light city
I generally felt that I’d see him forget me
He says have confidence yet don’t push me too far
Lay your active me so I know who you are
Headin’ home to plans that tumbled to pieces
Streaked with blood yet that didn’t help Jesus
To dim to see faces with backs to the sun
Then again to pay back the supports that they had done
God at sundown and affection with second thoughts
What I recollect that I would like to overlook