Getting to “this too shall pass” can be a challenge. What typically happens when faced with an obstacle, our hands go to our face and for that instant we are filled with despair. For that moment we don’t see how this obstacle will be removed as we think we may be out of options. We panic. We tremble. We fear. For that instance, we are listening to the negative thoughts that are DOING THEIR JOB! Isn’t that something? Their sole purpose is to present negativity to us and be successful in getting us to believe the images they are presenting to our minds.

They are liars. Say this to yourself again THEY ARE LIARS! They bombard us with pictures that make our souls quake and the faith we have seems to disappear. Thus, the mental warfare begins. Don’t believe it! It’s their job and what is so very important to remember is that they need our FULL COOPERATION to be successful. Remember that: THEY NEED OUR FULL COOPERATION to be successful.
Getting past those negative thoughts is our test. We need these tests to PROVE TO OURSELVES that we are TALKING THE TALK as we WALK THE WALK. That is the essence of the mental warfare. This is where we decide to whom shall we listen. This is the opportunity to walk away with a testament to winning that battle.

It will not be easy as negativity has been at this for millions of years and continues to find new ways of sabotaging us. However, the suggestion is this: STAND UP. FACE THEM. And say as many times as required: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! Do this as many times as necessary and eventually their voices and images will fade. They WILL FADE. However, we must remain PERSISTENT and INSISTENT and BELIEVE they will fade.
This not an EASY TASK! Again…this is not an easy task. We have allowed these thoughts to roam within our hearts and minds for years. They have never been chastised by you and they believe they OWN YOU! Who are you to decide when it’s time for them to leave!

Who are you to decide for them it’s time to find another home! Who are you to tell them what they can and cannot do! This has been their home for years and they will resist being evicted.
You will have to fight and fight hard. You must be always ready for them because it is the enemy and unfortunately, the ENEMY IS WITHIN. Because they are within, that makes the battle much more difficult as where you are so are they. But you must FIGHT!

This is your life. This is your heart. This is your soul. FIGHT! This enemy within will fight as hard as you to remain alive and well. From every corner within your mind it will bring all the forces known to them and you must do the same. You are fighting for you. Remember that…you are fighting for you and only you.
This enemy within will slowly disappear if you fight and fight hard. When they create an image, you must respond quickly and swiftly with another thought or image. Destroy them before they destroy you. Get them out and maintain your effort to keep them out.

You can do this. YES…you can do this! It’s been done by millions before and will be done by millions after you. It’s your life… your heart and your soul…FIGHT!