St. John , the journalist of this gospel , is St. John the dearest , one of the 12 devotees of Christ , and he is James’ sibling, Jesus called both of them “the children of thunders”. He is additionally the author of the three epistles and the journalist of Revelation.

This gospel is unique in relation to the next three accounts, in it we discover numerous things that are not specified in them and the other way around, like case in point, there is no story said here, yet we discover here a ton about the godlikeness of Christ , about the Holy Spirit and about the Father …. So it appeared to be great to me, to compose a long presentation here, which, in the event that you ponder by heart, it will be simple for you to catch up with what is composed in this gospel, verse by verse. +Here in this book and in my other three books of the three accounts, you will discover initially of every part, the contraction of the name of the book, then the sign= , then the amount of the section. This will make it much simpler for you while contemplating or while looking for a certain point to discover what you need effortlessly and rapidly.

Case in point, in the event that you need a certain verse in the Gospel of John part 14, on your console press on the keys [ctrl and F], then sort [jn=14], you will be at the start of this section. Presentation Having confidence in one God of 3 hypostases, is the primary doctrine in the Christian confidence, and the foundation in all our life, for all the Holy Bible peoves this fundamental belief in both Testaments, thus we say in the “Nicene Creed” what implies (We trust in one God, the Father … His just sired Son our Lord and God Jesus Christ, … and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, … and these 3 are 1).

All Christian sections all around have this same conviction. We likewise discover it in the Old Testament yet it was not clear as it is in the New Testament. Thus, it is the most vital statement of faith that everybody should totally and plainly see so that his confidence stays unwavering. Some left their confidence or their great association with God on the grounds that they didn’t comprehend this paramount doctrine, or in light of the fact that there was nobody in their family, relatives or companions that could clarify it to them, and, beyond any doubt, every one of them lost and will lose a ton.

In view of this, I’ll attempt in this booklet [this article] to rearrange the idea or the thought of “The Trinity and Oneness of God” and to talk quickly about each one point, just , to the extent that we can comprehend it and see it, so that all may comprehend this primary doctrine, men and ladies , astute and basic, youngsters, youth and older folks, in light of the fact that I love all and on the grounds that “God seeks all men to be spared and to go to the information of reality “1tim. 2: 4”.

This article “Trinity and Oneness of God”, was printed as a booklet, and a great many it were sold and given as blessings all over the place. All individuals like it and still need to have it to study it and offer it to others We were taught by St. Paul, that “1cor 2: 4,5 Faith does not come in the knowledge of men yet in the force of God”, so it is essential that we, before perusing this book, implore God, that He -magnificence be to Him-, may provide for us the right understanding. Might God gift all of us, the information of reality and understanding of the right confidence, and fill our hearts with affection. Greatness be to Him from now and everlastingly and evermore.

So be it. When we beg or do anything , we generally begin for the sake of the one God of three hypostases saying “for the sake of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit , one God. So be it”, recognize that at the end we say “One God”.

Essentially we accept that the Father is the birthplace (source) of presence, the Son is generated, characteristically, from the Father before all ages, and the Holy Spirit continues from the Father. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and the 3 hypostases are the stand out God. These three hypostases are one in their celestial properties as of being endless (no starting and no end), Almighty, … and so on, however every hypostasis has His hypostatic trait. Here, before we proceed, if anybody discovers interpretations or sentences, that are hard to see, if you don’t mind keep perusing and everything will be clear and simple. God in the Old and New Testaments compared Himself to man and to (light, fire and Sun), in “Gen.1: 26 God said, let us make man in Our picture, as per Our similarity”, and again in “1: 27″ the Holy Bible says” in the picture of God He made him”, so, man is made in God’s picture and resemblance in numerous things, the most imperative of which is trinity and unity.

Additionally God compared Himself to the sun , light and blaze, as in “Ps.84: 11 for the Lord God is sun”, “Jn.9: 5 I am the light of the world”, “Ex. 13: 21 and the Lord went before them… by night in a mainstay of flame”. So when we compare God to man or to light, it is basically on the grounds that He picked so, He did say that He is similar to man and like light . Yet at the same time we must realize that whether man or light, they have never been as precisely the same as God, so these similitudes will never make us see God totally (100 %) yet exactly as He needed us to know and see about Him, for there is no animal that is precisely the same as God or as immaculate as God.

So let us now comprehend the trinity and unity of man and sun (light and fire) and how they are like the Holy Trinity, and afterward we can speak all the more straightforwardly about the Holy Trinity. Trinity of man and the Similarity to the Holy Trinity We know from the Holy Bible and from our information to ourselves that each man (or lady) is one however 3 components: body, soul and soul , there are numerous verses that affirm or underscore the presence of each of these 3 components, as case in point “1thes.5: 23 May your entire soul, soul and body, be protected exemplary” 1) The body: It is well known to each one of us for it is the component which we see with our eyes and touch.