She couldn’t help herself, so she stopped fighting,
Laying on the open space, looking up at the sky,
She could hear the mountains calling to her,
She was scared at first, then decided to answer at last.

One foot in front of the other unsure of what she would find,
The trees leading her calmly bowing at each stride,
She could hear the birds chirping as they sang to her,
They kept her company never leaving her side.

When she was tired the barks were enough to rest,
So sat on them quietly drinking from the river beds,
She could see the fish busily enjoying themselves,
While the frightened deer ran scampering ahead,
She would get up and thank each of them for the help,
While she walked on the ground careful not to miss a step,
The journey got longer but she was very determined,
To finally reach the end, so she kept struggling.

High and low, narrow and wide were the paths ahead,
She passed each one with admiration of their closeness,
The journey got tough when she reached the mountain’s foot.
She looked up at it as she cried that she couldn’t do it,
But then the voice in the mountains whispered to her,
Alas! It opened up with some stairs to its peak,
She climbed up curious for what she would find,
Getting to the top was harder than it looked when she began.

She finally reached the voice that she’d heard,
Showing her what it had called her for,
She could see the land below so beautifully crafted,
There and then she vowed to forever love and protect it.