It is beautiful. It is personal. It is unique. It is a journey so intimate, that the Creator begins the journey at your birth.
It is a journey, unlike you will ever embark upon in your lifetime. It is the journey to you.

This journey will take a lifetime, and even as you near the end of your life, on this state of consciousness, the next state, most likely will offer a journey continued. Hopefully, all the work you are doing here; will not be left behind. If Jesus is to be believed, with his statement, “within my Father’s house, there are many mansions”, it makes sense that the journey to you will continue, beyond earth.

Why is the journey to you the most important journey you will ever take? Because philosophers, theologians, poets and mystics have all stated the same in varying messages: “To know thyself; is the key to everything.” Is there a reason, that knowing the self is so important?

Who are you? What do you represent? What are your core values? As you ask those questions, is there any uneasiness, as to what your journey has been thus far? Do you like the view of your journey? If not, have you considered altering your route?

Quite possibly, your journey has not been fulfilling up to this point. Do you feel sad, that the trail you’ve left behind isn’t indicative of what you were aiming to do? Is your journey filled with “should haves” that you cannot shake? Is your journey filled with roads that should have been taken, or roads that were never tried? Did you stop at a resting point too long and when you decided to resume your journey, you could not find an on ramp? Whatever you have answered, this is your journey and the journey has been to you.

The stops and starts along your journey have been heading to you. The tears, the pain and the struggles have all been heading to you. This is a part of the journey…your journey.

Your journey to you; was never to be one of pure pleasure, without pain and heartache. Wisdom tells us; “the pain we experience in our lifetime is a part of the journey.” How are we to know who we are if trials and tribulations aren’t experienced? How are we to know that the journey we’re on is working, if there aren’t any sign posts, that we are no longer on the right road? How would we know that the journey to us is working?

There is no greater lesson, then the falling down and getting up on our journey. There is no greater teacher, then the lessons we give ourselves. Lessons can be read, however, lessons learned can only be experienced. Unfortunately; it has been this way since the beginning of time, and it doesn’t appear that it will change.

On the journey to you, you must test yourself. The only way that you can prove that you have learned your lessons well, is when the test arrives. It is at this moment, with this test or problem; that we gain a better understanding of how close we are to ourselves. The problem or test arises so that we may prove what we have learned. How else would you know “you can walk the walk and talk the talk?” How will you know, that you are not merely collecting information that will never be used for your journey? How will you know without a test or problem to solve?

The journey to you must have proofs to show that you traveled. The journey to you must show that you have understandings about yourself that have been gained through trial and error.

The journey to you will have scars which you are proud of.
Those scars show that you have been traveling on your journey and you have something to show for it.

Enjoy the journey to you. With your travels on the journey to you; you are receiving understanding. It has been said “with all thy getting…get understanding.” That understanding; is the know that you know a lesson. That lesson need never be repeated, as along the journey to you, the lesson was learned.

The journey to you will never be completed. Earth is school and school is always in session. That is the beauty on the journey to you. Once you learn something, there will be a test and the test must be passed to move to the next road.

How wonderful is that! That means, your self-esteem grows, and you are proud of your journey, however, your ego remains in control as you know there are many roads and lessons ahead. You firmly know that you are merely on the journey to you and nothing more.