The journey was a mere 750 million kilometres. That was how far Peter had travelled, from Jupiter to Earth. It was New York, to be precise. It was his first time travelling across the solar system, and he was excited. Nobody had made such a journey before. He landed in Times Square on a busy Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining. It was so busy that no one seemed to notice a man shot down from the sky and land delicately onto the floor.

The first thing that struck him was how busy it was. There were so many people, all rushing this way and that. He had never experienced anything like this on Jupiter since it is much bigger with a smaller population, and thus huge crowds are not all that commonplace. He looked around for a few seconds and took it all in. A few seconds was all he had.
After these moments had passed, he noticed it. It was not hard to notice since it was happening so fast.

He was beginning to get hot, very hot. His skin was burning up; he was spontaneously combusting. In his final moments, as the flames consumed him, he realised what was happening to him. It was too hot on Earth. On Jupiter, it is -145 degrees Celsius. In New York, it was a mere -5 degrees. His body could not withstand the brutal rays of the sun. Oh well, he thought, at least he had got to see Earth before the end.