We continue to take a look at the parables of the kingdom of
matthew 13. these parables are unique to matthew
and are very quick (one sentence every) and has no
interpretation from jesus. these two form a couple and
belong collectively.

Misunderstandings approximately the parable
as with any parables, in case you “push” the details too far, you
will create some misunderstandings. permit me point out some
of these two:

  1. You don’t “discover” jesus or find him. he finds you.
    the service provider inside the pearl is searching for the pearl, the
    guy within the first one “stumbles” upon it the treasure. however
    the right teaching of this parable is not how the treasure
    or pearl is found, but the treasure and pearl itself.
  2. You don’t “purchase” the treasure or pearl. jesus has paid for
    the whole lot necessary for us to have this treasure. he
    bought it along with his own blood.

Three. there is not a teaching right here about the need for
witnessing or evangelism. the person who located the
treasure isn’t always to be scolded for not telling others approximately
his find. coaching about evangelism and witnessing is
good, but now not from this parable.

  1. Jesus isn’t always the buyer here as an allegory for our
    atonement. this is not about jesus buying our
    redemption. this is about the treasure and the pearl
    being the kingdom of god.

ii. principal reality of the myth
all parables have one major point. right here is what i believe
the main coaching of this parable is: the dominion of god
is treasured and precious.

A shepherd boy close to the dead sea discovered scrolls which
were thousand years old; a diver off the florida coast
located a sunken 17th-century spanish vessel filled
with silver and gold, a farmer plowing his field in suffolk,
england struck a container which held beautiful silver
dishes courting from roman times. oh, the pleasure of discovery
of a treasure.

In instances of war, people could hid their treasures within the field
as opposed to their houses where thieves or the enemy would
be capable of find it. but if the proprietor of the field changed into killed in
war, he could carry his mystery with him to the grave, and no
one might ever realize he had hidden treasure.

Pearls have been in super demand. traders needed to visit the
crimson sea, the persian gulf and even to india a good way to find
them. inferior pearls got here from the crimson sea; higher ones
from the persian gulf and the high-quality ones from india.

This guy was searching out fine pearls and he finds the
greatest pearl he has ever visible. this is a danger of his
lifetime. he will not be glad until he has it.

Each a whole lot have the item of his preference even though it charges him
his livelihood. both men literally sell all that they have in
order to gain the treasure and the pearl. There is no sacrifice involved in promoting all to purchase the
field or the pearl.

Revelation 18:eleven-12 tells us the merchants of the earth will
weep and mourn due to the fact no one buys their items – gold,
silver, valuable stones and pearls.

Here are some short thoughts in regard to those parables
and the kingdom of heaven:

  1. We see the dominion as a treasure worthy of any fee.
  2. We see the dominion continually as a treasure worth of
    any price. daily we’re constantly determining what’s a treasure to me.

Three. there may be no sacrifice worried in getting some thing
extra than something and the whole thing you have.

  1. Our hearts responds to it as our treasure.
  2. Our hearts ought to no longer be touched or moved any quicker or
  3. deeper than to jesus.
  • Now not to a denomination
  • Not to a pastor-speaker
  • Not to a style of tune
  • However to someone who is precious.

Ethel waters sang:
to me, he is so terrific to me, he is so exquisite
to me, he is so high-quality to realize that jesus is mine.
all to jesus i surrender; all to him i freely supply;
i’m able to ever love and consider him,
in his presence every day stay.
i give up all, i give up all. all to thee, my blessed
savior, i surrender all.