The last time I preached upon this question came alive. I had been for five nights preaching upon the life of Christ. I took him from the cradle and followed Him up to the judgment hall, and on that occasion I consider I made as great a blunder as ever I made in my life.

If I could recall my act I would give this right hand. It was upon that memorable night in October, and the Court House bell was sounding an alarm of fire, but I paid no attention to it. You know we were accustomed to hear the fire bell often, and it didn’t disturb us much when it sounded. I finished the sermon upon “What shall I do with Jesus?” And I said to the audience, “Now, I want you to take the question with you and think over it, and next Sunday I want you to come back and tell me what you are going to do with it.” What a mistake! It seems now as if Satan was in my mind when I said this. Since then I never have dared give an audience a week to think of their salvation. If they were lost they might rise up in judgment against me. “Now is the accepted time.” We went down stairs to the other meeting, and I remember when Mr. Sankey was singing, and how his voice rang when he came to that pleading verse:

To-day the Saviour calls; For refuge fly. The storm of justice falls, And death is nigh.

After the meeting we went home. I remember going down the street with a young man who is probably in the hall to-night, and saw the glare of flames. I said to the young man: “This means ruin to the city” About one o’clock, Farwell Hall went; soon the church in which I had preached went down, and everything was scattered. I never saw that audience again. My friends, we don’t know what may happen to-morrow, but there is one thing I do know, and that is, if you take the gift you are saved. If you have eternal life you need not fear fire, death, or sickness. Let disease or death come, you can shout triumphantly over the grave if you have Christ. My friends, what are you going to do with Him to-night? Will you decide now?