Every other…. unanswerable line of evidence that jesus christ is god, specifically, all the distinctively divine workplaces are predicated of jesus christ. There are seven distinctively divine places of work.
this is to say, there are seven matters that god by myself can do, and every this type of seven distinctively divine offices is ascribed to jesus christ.
the seven distinctively divine places of work which can be ascribed to jesus christ:

  1. Advent
    in hebrews 1:10 these words are spoken of our lord: “and, thou, lord, in the starting hast laid the muse of the earth; and the heavens are the works of thine arms.” the context really suggests that the lord addressed is the lord jesus. in john 1:three we’re instructed that “all matters were made by him; and without him changed into not any issue made that changM
  1. Maintenance
    upkeep of the universe and of everything is also ascribed to him in hebrews 1:three in which it’s miles said of the lord jesus, “who being the brightness of his glory, and the specific picture of his person [God’s], and upholding all matters through the phrase of his strength, whilst he had by means of himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the majesty on excessive.”
  2. Forgiveness of sin
    the forgiveness of sin is ascribed to him. he himself says in mark 2:five-10 whilst his energy to forgive sins was puzzled, because that was recognized as a divine electricity, “but that ye may know that the son of guy hath power on the planet to forgive sins.”
  3. The raising of the dead
    the destiny raising of the useless is surprisingly ascribed to him in john 6:39,44, “and that is the father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me i have to lose nothing, but ought to improve it up again on the final day. no guy can come to me, besides the father which hath sent me draw him: and i will improve him up at the ultimate day.”
  4. The transformation of bodies
    the transformation of our our bodies is ascribed to him in philippians 3:21.
  5. Judgment
    in 2 timothy four:1 judgment is ascribed to him. we are told that he shall “decide the short and the dead.” jesus himself declared that he will be the decide of all mankind and emphasized the reality of the divine character of that workplace. in john 5:22,23 he stated, “for the daddy judgeth no guy, however hath committed all judgment unto the son: that every one men must honour the son, whilst they honour the father.”
  6. The bestowal of everlasting lifestyles advent
    the bestowal of eternal existence is ascribed to him time and time once more. in john 10:28 he himself says, “and that i give unto them eternal existence; and that they shall never perish, neither shall any guy pluck them out of my hand,” and in john 17:1,2, he says, “father, the hour is come; glorify thy son, that thy son additionally may additionally glorify thee: as thou hast given him strength over all flesh, that he should supply everlasting life to as many as thou hast given him.” right here then, we have the seven distinctively divine places of work all predicated of jesus christ. this on my own would show that he is god, and we’d relaxation the case here, but there are still other proofs of his absolute deity.