They are real if we allow them to be. They lurk within every corner of our mind. They present wonderful dissertations on remaining within the comfort of our unhappiness and despair. They appear to comfort us in moments of stress and anxiety. They seem to be the shoulder that we can come to when all is lost. They are the soldiers of sabotage.

Every soldier has a job. Every soldier has a responsibility. Every soldier has a mission. Every soldier wants to be successful in what they set out to do. The soldier of sabotage is no different. Are you aware of your soldiers of sabotage? Can you name them? Do you feel them? If you state that you have no soldier of sabotage, then you are one of the very few walking the planet that would be considered extremely fortunate. You are freely living your life without any resistance from inside or outside forces. You are to be congratulated! However, for those who battle the soldiers of sabotage and continue to push forward, you are too be congratulated for being aware they exist.

Who and what are the soldiers of sabotage? How do you know if you are being held captive by them? It’s very simple to assess if you are a prisoner of their cunning and deceitful ways. Answer the following questions and you will know if you are being held captive by the soldiers of sabotage:

1. Do you have a dream unfulfilled and it nags at you daily?
2. How many times have you attempted to fulfill that dream, gave up and permitted yourself to accept flimsy excuses?
3. Is there a feeling that you awake with every morning that prods you to do something and yet you don’t?
4. Is there a small voice that silently speaks to you about what you should be doing, and you ignore it?
5. With all that you have attained, obtained and accomplished, is there still a longing for the one gift that you were sent here to do?

Then quite possibly, you are being held captive by the soldiers of sabotage? There are other signs that let you know that the soldiers are at work. Procrastination, stagnation, indecision, fear, doubt and a host of other soldier of sabotage tactics. Think long and hard on whether you are being held captive. Consider whether you believe you are worthy of your dreams and desires. Ask yourself if you are self-sabotaging with your thoughts, actions and distractions? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself why and more importantly: What will I do with the information now that I’m now aware.