there’s more to the entirety
there is extra to a face
than it’s features.
more to an afternoon
than it’s hours
greater to a mirror
than it’s reflection
extra to a communication
than it is phrases
greater to a coronary heart
than it is goals
greater to a dream
than it’s opportunity
greater to someone
than his life
greater to a story
than it is characters
more to a celebration
than the occasion.
greater to a victory
than to the winner
extra to a tear
than the cries
extra to the imaginative and prescient
than the eyes
more to the purpose
than the smile
more to the photographer
than the photo!
extra to the moments
than the time
more to the which means
than the word.
extra to the emotion
than the expression
more to you
than to me
greater to we
than to us
more to existence
than to death
greater to dwelling
than to the years
extra to a existence,
than it’s well worth
greater to a death
than it’s ultimate breath