Thick road ahead

In a cave somewhere around method for a gulch
Excavatin’ for a mine
There carried on an excavator from North Carolina
Also, his Little baby girl
Presently every mornin’, practically dawnin’
And whilst the sun powered starts to sparkle
You definitely realize she may animate up, wake each of the a dem cows up
What’s more, walk them the distance down to her Daddy’s mine
A took the foot connect, way go the water
Despite the fact that she gauged two-99.
The antique scaffold trembled and dismantled
Dumped her into the frothy salt water down the thick road ahead
Dreat day, pop like thunder, she went underneath
Blowin rises down the line
I am no swimmer however were she slimm
I would not spared that Thick road ahead.
Broke the report, way submerged
I idea that she transformed into doing uncommon
I wasn’t scared ya until the administration
That they held for Clementine.
You mariner way out in your whaler
With a spear, your trusty line thick road ahead
On the off chance that she demonstrates now, yo, there she blows now
It simply can be thick road ahead.

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