this love is crazy.
unpredictable maybe
you may soften my heart like you did from the start
over again like it’s no longer the give up.
so here’s your last track.

what took place to the affection notes in my locker? to the moonlight walks inside the park? to the songs you and i’d write together?
what befell to the smile on our faces? what befell in your coronary heart?

every so often i wonder in case you definitely have a heart, when you have a soul. my thoughts drifts away, considering how lifestyles would be if you weren’t heartless and selfish. however reality moves again as you hurt, torment me. you mentally abuse be, then move lower back to being the sweetheart i fell in love with.

ordinary is a war to live. you ignore me, as though i failed to exist. as if i wasn’t your best buddy anymore. i attempt day and night time to get the eye of your candy self. i constantly do. however as opposed to your sweet, kind self, i get a monster. you torment me mentally, destroying my self-worth and my confidence. you call me names and say terrible things. the reminiscence of you calling me stunning and pronouncing ‘i love you’ is blurry and weary.

whilst life become better, you’ll give me gifts. like on a random wednesday, you added me to a track keep and purchased me a guitar. i had refused to can help you buy it however you insisted and even recommended me to discover ways to play. regular you’ll teach me, ultimately i used to be writing and gambling songs for you. you usually cherished my songs. now you hate it when I attempt to write you a song to lift your spirits. however i constantly strive. i do not care that you yell at me and threaten me, i always play you the song. i try to make you realize how you have affected my soul, with my songs.

thats the only component i am confident on, my songs. i wrote you a track for the reason that day one. they started out out glad and joyful, however now as you rapidly modified; they are sad and lonely. they have no life in them. like i have no life in me. i know i should not say it however… i’m worthless, a no person. no one loves me and no one will. i don’t have any existence and lifestyles does not want me. according to you.

this is the ultimate tune for you. i can’t keep trying to persuade you which you’re ruining my life. i can not live lifestyles whilst you hold doing this to me. i will simply do what i do fine. live on as plenty as i will with out losing my sanity.
i hate you for doing this to me. i hate you for ruining my existence. i hate you for making me depressed.
i hate that even though you are a monster, i still love you on the cease of the day.