this morning the sun scratched my eyes
with its razor sharp rays
typically i exude positivity
leaping out of my bed
but this morning i wanted
just to disregard it
but it wouldn’t let me rest
frightening me to cover my head
completely with my foam filled pillow

but i almost suffocated
so i did what i concept was fine
and dragged each foot
putting them one at a time
onto the carpet lined ground
disgusted through the inadequate relaxation

sinister fashioned silhouettes
lurk about the region
like a chicken of prey
one calculated sweep
and anything they desire is theirs
an unsuspecting passer with the aid of
takes notice

but consists of on
not wishing to get involved
but had this passer-via
aided the might be victim of
such an awful crime
may want to in the end have stored
an super existence

of a maximum creative thoughts
and most inclined helper
a little at the same time as later
he could open his paper
and locate an obituary
that he could have prevented
had he just picked up his phone
rather than dashing domestic
however human failure
is part of nature
existence’s lessons motive the sense of right and wrong
to be numbed

armed most effective with an umbrella
i face the tough climate
making my manner alongside the footpath
my grip surrenders
as my umbrella reverses itself
i improvise
turning my scarf right into a headband
and maintain onto it tightly
with my life
with my head bent at a downward slant
and my eyes barely raised
i can consider nothing else but
to make it to the station