Nu är man tillbaka i träningsrutinerna igen och det är skönt. Man behöver sin dagliga dos träning för att mota bipolären i dörren – Kom inte in hit! Inte en chans! Och man mår bra och känner sig stark i kroppen. Och vardags rutinerna känns som det ska. Livet blir inte enklare än så här.

You know me
but you recognize nothing
if you push me
you’ll create something
some thing which you desire you hadn’t
you haven’t seen me at my maddest
i’ve been tryin´ keep it from you
shielding you from the uncertainty
but don’t take a look at my anger
simply allow it lie
let this volcano be
when it erupts it’s unpleasant to look
leaving nightmares for centuries
i don’t like that part of me
uncontrollable passion
it’s fine whilst it’s being channelled well
into creative pursuits and creativity
anger is lava-like
if it touches a person even a little
it is in all likelihood to scar them for existence
not simply the body however the mind
physical restraints on your mentality
that’s now not how every person need to stay their life
walk away, let it die
don’t be sorry
you did strive
you stretched out your hand
but they refused to seize and fight
don’t decide
you haven’t lived their life