Ellipticals are one of the best ways of getting in shape, especially if you can’t afford a gym membership or can’t access one. They provide both low-intensity and high-intensity cardio workouts, among other benefits. In this list, you will see 5 of the best ellipticals on the market today.

ncient Elliptical Machine:
Key Features
• 8 different levels of resistance.
• Strong frame that can support a maximum of 250 lbs.
• Non-slip pedals.
• Runs smoothly and quietly

One of the finest ellipticals on the market today is the ncient Elliptical Machine. Simply put, this has everything that you want in an elliptical machine. It has 8 different resistance levels, allowing for a wide variation in your workout intensity. You can easily adjust the resistance level by using a knob on the side of the machine.

It has a very durable frame that is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 250 lbs. So, don’t be afraid to go hard when using the ncient Elliptical Machine because it can definitely take quite a bit of punishment; it also non-slip pedals, which makes it easier to go very fast. It also runs very quietly, which is nice if you share an exercise room with someone else or if you want to use the machine and still hear television or music.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical:
Key Features
• Offers low-impact exercise.
• Dial-adjusted resistance.
• Provides a complete, full-body workout.
• Battery-powered console for keeping track of workout information.

Next up is the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical. This is somewhat of a unique elliptical machine. Whereas a lot of elliptical machines will have you standing while working out, the Teeter lets you sit down and work out.

The Teeter offers a full-body workout. You can work out your leg muscles, your arm muscles, and a variety of other muscles. Unlike a lot of other elliptical machines, the Teeter lets you adjust the resistance levels of individual parts of the machine. So, if you want the handles to have more resistance to give your arms more of a workout, you can increase the resistance of those while leaving the pedals the same.

It is also just a very well-designed elliptical. It operates extremely quietly, and it comes with a nice, easy to read screen that keeps track of important workout information. Just a well-made elliptical all-around.

Jaketen Elliptical Exercise Machine:
Key Features
• Highly adjustable resistance levels.
• Heavy duty frame.
• Screen keeps track of speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more.
• Very durable.
• Smooth operation.

The Jaketen is another, really high-quality elliptical machine. This one doesn’t do anything particularly fancy, but it does everything that you would want an elliptical to do and it does it well.

For starters, it offers a wide array of resistance levels. You can easily adjust the resistance levels on the fly. There is a total of 8 different resistance levels for you to pick from. This allows for different kinds of exercise. You can turn the resistance down low and get some light cardio or you can turn it high and get a serious workout.

The Jaketen is a very high-quality machine as well. It runs very smoothly and with no hiccups. It has a nice, durable frame. Overall, a very well-made elliptical that should be a staple of your exercise room for quite a long time.

Finally, there is also a helpful screen that keeps track of things like speed, distance, and other important information.

ANCHEER Desk Elliptical with Built in Display Monitor:
Key Features
• Can be plugged in or used without power.
• 5 different speeds to choose from.
• Extremely quiet.
• Built-in display monitor.
• Very large, non-slip pedals.

Ellipticals don’t just belong in the exercise room, there are actually portable ellipticals out there. A prime example of this is the ANCHEER Desk Elliptical. This is a small elliptical that you can put under your desk at work or at home to get a quick workout. Because it is very quiet, it is a great option for use at work or in another crowded place.

Despite its small size, the ANCHEER can deliver quite a workout. It has 5 different speeds that you can choose from. Likewise, it has very large, stable pedals, which makes it easier for you to pedal faster and burn more calories.

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical:
Key Features
• 300 lbs. weight capacity.
• Bluetooth compatible.
• 8 different tension levels.
• Provides both upper and lower body workout.

To end off this list, let’s look at the Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical. The name is not a lie at all, this is definitely a very heavy-duty exercise machine. It has a weight limit of 300 lbs., making it the elliptical with the best weight limit on this list.

It is also the first elliptical to be Bluetooth compatible. What that means is that you can sync the elliptical up with an app, which lets you import the data from your elliptical into your diet app of choice.

Outside of that, it has everything else that you want in a good elliptical machine. It has different tension levels, it runs nicely, and it is very durable.