Misguided truths
disguised lies
utter confusion
baffling instances
it makes no experience
complete of pretence
all on the contact of a button
but it way nothing
in a world complete of
disposable minds
walking out of time
past classes unlearnt
serves as a reminder
that apparently
the blind are main the blind
thoughts are extra effective than information
even though records captivate thoughts
simplistic information has helped us
thru the test of time
the fundamentals are how we live on
surrendering to a pc
a robot system
seems a little ludicrous
technological dependency
a convoluted contagion
become created by
the human imagination
but it is not smart
to allow it run wild
a toddler-like state
may want to spell a catastrophe
resulting in an
unconceivable society
priorities solid apart
to make manner for the voip