I now  recognize what they were trying to say,
but is it too overdue to trade my approaches?
leading myself off track, in pursuit of rewards,
but now i’m left with not anything, no longer even the phrases,
the effort of what some view because the mundane necessities is excruciating,
but it shouldn’t be, in fact, it ought to be simple,
lack of habitual, of warfare, of war,
invades and intrudes on one’s purpose,
main to loss of awareness and cognizance,
and in danger of a hen of prey entering into for the kill,
but the glimmer of hope is in letting those words and notes spill,
perhaps then you can answer me this..
why chase after your ideal bliss, why not cherish existence as it is?

Shifting upwards, forwards and backwards,
we can’t help it, we develop connected to familiar surroundings,
the uncertainty of existence can be disturbing but amazing,
whilst regular things remind us of great times,
the laughter that made us cry,
residing and not accepting that we were born to die,
transferring on from instances beyond can depart a unhappy inkling for your coronary heart,
till some thing reminds you of a shared second of what’s now a far flung area in opposite!
however you can educate your mind to act as a time device for the way you previously felt
whether it’s far the laughter or tears that were provoked.