I walked away
that day
by no means to go back
however some thing made me exchange my thoughts
the death precipitated a u-flip

My coronary heart wanted to go in which my thoughts didn’t belong
lifestyles makes you wander off within the moment
you believe you studied you’re on top of things
but you then’re overtaken
by way of your author and your shaper

You most effective make selections
and are willed to look them thru
until you’re halted inside the procedure
the humans that love you get scared now that you’re now not there
that you have made an invisible,
inaudible transition

Vut to where?
will one ever see you again?
where the acquainted becomes strange
wherein lifestyles turns into demise
it’s now not a reflection
it’s a one of a kind angle at paintings
that is alien to the human senses

It leaves you feeling defenceless in case you consider it for too lengthy
learn to cope
it’ll make you strong
demise distracts us
uncertainty reasons us to sense and trust that we’re powerless,
we are not omniscient

we do no longer possess general information
consequently it’s miles obvious we aren’t in control
we are able to trade our minds in a fickle style
uncertainty overpowers us
a leader may not know the manner
however the chief need to bring the others to a destination out of damage’s way

In any other case they fail of their obligation
their quest
i’d alternatively something that i recognise uncertain is there to steer me
than some thing this is certain however can’t deal with uncertainty upon request
despite the fact that we are able to’t feel uncertain matters
we need to discover ways to address the truth
that we have a confined potential for now
it is not a failing due to the fact to accept as true with that might mean you’re judging who created
in which you locate your self for the time being
that is dying unfolded