Whatever your challenge is, are you scrambling to get into shape, or remain in shape, and feel vibrant with limitless energy and exuberance for life on a day-to-day basis while wrestling with an incessant workload, travel agenda, or debilitating sickness? You are able to be vibrant, full of vigor, healthy and enthusiastic – and live a rich, happy life meeting all of your deadlines while overpowering major health challenges, or even jaunting around the country or the world.

Unlimited Energy:
Physical Fitness Hacks For Exploding Your Energy Reserves

What In The World Is Unlimited Energy: As a person you can never run out of energy. Our bodies are designed as machines and these machines run on energy. The energy we need comes from the food we eat but apart from that we can get our energy from the reserves stored in our body as fat. Our body stores excess energy as fat and we can transform the fat back into energy by using it up.

The Basics:
We have unlimited energy because when our body energy is running low we can fuel up again and keep going. All energy comes from the ground, the food we eat comes from the plants we grow and these plants require minerals and nutrients from the ground. Even the meat that we eat requires the plants from the ground to sustain them. Energy is never lost but it is used up and transformed from different types.

Energy has many sources and when one source runs out then we can turn to alternative sources of energy. We can use this energy to make our lives more comfortable and we can even use this energy to better our lives.

If you are particularly feeling overweight instead of seeing yourself as fat you can see yourself as stored energy and to lose the weight you have to utilize the stored amount of energy.

The world has unlimited energy because it has many sources of energy and as we use the available sources we are creating new sources called bio energy. Bio energy is made from plants and animal fat and it solidifies in the ground as coal and this will be used later on as energy by other generations. This is a perfect example of why energy is unlimited.

Evaluate Where You Are Physically:

It is important to know the status of your body, its physical condition and its level of fitness. Knowing the physical condition is important because you will be able to deal with foreseen problems and handle them before they become life threatening. Your body is a machine and knowing the condition of the machine will give you knowledge of when it needs to rest and not be overworked or when it needs repairs.

What Can You Do:
Your body like any other machine needs to be fed the right type of fuel and oils to make it run properly, this means you need to find out what your body lacks in terms of minerals and try to give it the right kind of food. A better body means better health and better health leads to a better lifestyle. If your body is healthy you are most likely to be happier.

Going to the doctor to get a physical is the best way to evaluate the physical state of your body. You will be able to know if you are healthy or you need to either gain or lose weight, the level of your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and if you are lacking anything that your body needs.

It is important to know the state of the physical being internally because this might actually save your life and being smaller as a person does not necessarily mean that you are healthy you may have certain problems that you need to fix and you might actually be too small to be healthy.

It is advisable for everyone to get a physical examination with their doctor at least once a year and for males to have male related exams and females have female related exams. Implementing this into your lifestyle will keep you healthy and aware of what is happening inside your body not just what is happening on the outside.

Restore Your Metabolism:
The word metabolism is derived from the Greek language. And it means “change” or “transformation”. For our purposes of body function, metabolism is the amount of energy or calories your body burns to maintain vital bodily functions.

Ramping It Up:
At every moment, be it that you are sleeping, or at the mall shopping or in the gym exercising, your body is constantly burning calories. It needs fuel just as a car needs fuel to power itself or a machine. Your metabolism is the regulator and manager of your body’s fuel.

Certain type of foods may be eaten to boost the metabolic rate of the body. Food like whole grains, dark leafy greens and lean meat like fish and chicken are good for boosting the metabolism. The time at which you eat is also important if you want to boost your metabolism. Eating frequent small low fat meals will work towards increasing your metabolism rate.

Staying long hours without eating slows down your metabolism that is why you start feeling weak and drained and craving for sugar because your blood sugar will be low.

Staying for a long period of time without eating makes your body feel as though you might be lacking food so it starts processing your food slowly in your digestive system as a way to preserve the food till you get more but if your body senses that you have adequate food it will process it faster and this will also avoid indigestion.

Drinking herbal tea and a lot of water also improves the metabolism rate. Water helps in digestion and distribution of nutrients in the body. Exercising is another way of boosting your metabolism, when you exercise your body will burn more calories in the following days that if you had not exercised and exercising in the evening is better than in the morning because that is when your metabolism is slowing down and this gives it a boost and you burn more calories throughout the night.

The Importance Of Energy Foods:
Carbohydrates are energy giving food they are broken down by the body into the simple sugar glucose, which is used to give energy or will be stored for a short time in muscles and liver in the form of glycogen or animal starch.

Good Foods:
The hormone insulin is vital for the oxidation of glucose the process of yielding energy for the body. When not enough insulin is generated and this may lead to diabetes.

Starches should be in your carbohydrate intake. The best sources of starches are bread, oats, rice and beans. Energy foods are important because they help you keep going throughout the day by supplying you with energy without these energy food we would feel weak and start craving for sugar that is when we start eating the wrong types of starch like cakes and biscuits that will make us fat.

Good fats are another way of getting the energy the body needs and these are important because they burn more slowly and keep the body going over a long period of time. Without energy foods the body will stop functioning properly and some of its bodily functions will start shutting down, you will not be able to concentrate properly at work or in school and you will feel weak in some cases resulting in feeling faint headed.

Although we have to have these energy foods to keep our bodies running it is also important to make sure we take them in the right quantities because if too much is ingested then that will result in the excess energy being stored in the body as fat and if this continues to take place it leads to obesity and that opens up the body to many other diseases such as diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.

Cut Down Stress
Stress comes from many areas in our lives and sometimes, it may be coming from areas that we are not even aware of. It could contribute to high blood pressure and heart attack and it can affect the way in which we perform our jobs or how we perform in school.

Calm Down:
There changes we can implement in our lives to cut down on the stress, taking things a little lightly may help us in not getting stressed about what we are going through or what is happening in our lives that may be beyond our control. Avoiding isolation and being around family and friends will help us deal with things better and not have to face challenges in life alone.

Time management of all the things we have to do help us not be under pressure which further leads to stress. We need to make sure we do not put off things that we have to get done and rather face them head one and get them out of the way so they do not stress us in the near future.

In some cases people are stressed because they are assuming things about the unknown, assuming the worst may stress a person out. Stop assuming the worst and be hopeful for the best or merely wait for the outcome because obsessing about something you have no control over will definitely stress you. Setting realistic goals that are (SMART) will avoid situations of being under pressure and stressed. Smart goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. They are goals that are achievable not ones that will have you sweating out because you cannot reach them. Sometimes, it is to our advantage for us to take a few hours just to relax. We live in a world that tells us that we have to keep going if we want to accomplish our goals; nevertheless, occasionally it is best to take a few uninterrupted hours just to relax. Relaxing is necessary once in a while.

Get Better Sleep:
We are always told that sleep is important. There is great emphasis on the effects of losing sleep because losing sleep is certainly not something to be taken lightly.

An occasional night of tossing and turning is normal, but continued patterns of this behavior can cause real problems in your ability to function normally. Research shows that inadequate sleep can have disastrous effects on your weight loss efforts, impair your concentration, and even mimic the symptoms of impaired glucose tolerance (which can lead to diabetes and hypertension).

People that do not sleep well are usually grumpy and angry that is because your mood also suffers when you don’t get enough shut-eye, causing you to become disoriented on the job, fatigued behind the wheel of a car, or irritated at home. Some people even start hallucinating because of lack of sleep. But more importantly, these mood swings can affect your relationships with others, and even lead to depression.

You can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep by implementing certain changes can make you sleep better. Get yourself into a routine. Try going to bed a half an hour earlier each week, or set a time to get in bed and stick with it. Eventually your body will get used to going to sleep at that time and it will begin to come naturally. Create the right environment. Get your body and mind in the habit of using your bedroom for sleeping. If you frequently sit in bed to pay your bills, do your homework, watch television, eat, talk on the phone, your mind will expect that the bedroom is for daytime activities. Limiting food and activities before bed will help you fall asleep faster, having an activity to do before bed may make you more alert and slowing the process of falling asleep.

Why You Have To Exercise For Energy
Most people usually feel tired throughout the day, especially after lunchtime they feel sleepy and would rather stay indoors and watch television for the rest of the day.

Get Moving:
Exercise is a great way to increase your energy level and fight off feelings of fatigue. A few minutes of daily exercise can really transform how you feel and also how much energy you have towards getting through your day. Research shows that even among people with chronic illness like cancer or heart disease, exercise can ward off feelings of fatigue and help people feel more energized.

Studies have shown that people who exercise for a minimum of an hour a week divided into 2 20 minute sessions per day have more energy levels to take them throughout the day than people who do not exercise at all. The trick is exercising when you feel fatigued. Tired people generally do not want to put on their sneakers and go for a run. They can come up with all kinds of excuses of why they cannot go and exercise at that very moment.

The good news is that even a little bit of increased activity seems to be helpful. Jus increasing your heart rate up for a few minutes can getting you feeling better and further research proves that a few minutes of exercise a day and help you fight off stress.

When trying to exercise for more energy, the hardest thing to do is schedule the time. Choose a consistent time that you can exercise daily (like first thing in the morning, just before lunch or when you get home from work).
Make your goal to exercise at least 4 days a week and never go more than 1 day without exercising. It becomes harder to go back to your routine if you spend more time away from it. That way, you’ll never get out of the habit of exercising.

The Importance Of Spiritual Connection:
Most people do not realize that they need spiritual connection until they have all that they think they need but still they feel as though something is missing. Most people feel a little more money may solve all their problems and some think marriage or a relationship will end their loneliness but after acquiring all that they have they still feel empty and that is when they realize that they need spiritual connection.

A human being will never be fully satisfied unless they have the feeling of a spiritual being that is far greater or higher that they are and that is God. There’s no denying it, when we feel connected and balanced spiritually we feel better physically and emotionally. Everything seems to be going well and we are able to deal with any situation that comes our way.

Nourishing the soul is as important as food, water and exercise. Some people claim to experience complete healing from certain health conditions through a variety of spiritual methods. Spiritual connection has so many benefits, when your spirit is healthy your body is healthy. However, even if complete healing is not attainable, our physical health and overall sense of well-being can be greatly enhanced by enriching our spiritual health.

Your spiritual health as well as your emotional and physical health may be improved by cultivating more humor and gratitude in your life. They say laughter is the best medicine. Scientific research proves that even a fake chuckle is able to release toxins and chemicals into your body to help you relax.

Remembering to appreciate the simple things in life and not taking yourself too seriously. Most people beat themselves up and forget that life is to be enjoyed and the best way to do that is not taking for granted the smallest of things in life and embracing the nature around us.

Changing Your Emotions Changes Energy:
When we are emotionally distressed the first instinct is to curl up into a ball and cry ourselves to sleep. Our emotions have an effect on our energy levels.

Your Mind:
When happy we are able to jump around and up and about all day but when sad or angry we do not feel like doing anything at all we just desire that the day pass us by and not do anything. This shows us that our emotions can change the amount of energy we have. Trying to maintain a stable emotions and not being annoyed or angry will help boost up the energy levels, maintaining a cheerful attitude will help you get through your day rather than sulking all day.

Remaining calm when a situation arises may help us in controlling our emotions, usually when something happens we are quick to panic and lose control sending us into an anger frenzy.

Being more accepting of a condition situation or even a person may help us with balancing our emotions. It is important to identify how to balance our emotions because when in control of our emotions then we are subconsciously in control of our energy levels. Always finding time to yourself throughout the day will give you an opportunity to ask yourself if you are okay and if you are dealing well with all the different things happening in your life.

Alone time is very important that way you get to have your spiritual time and are able to relax and let go off all the stress from the long day you had. This helps you as a person to know that you are okay that you are in control and that you do not have to let your emotions take over and always remember if you are able to balance your emotions already you are working towards being happier meaning you will have more energy.

Why Being Energy Depleted Gets You Nowhere:
That feeling you get of being drained and exhausted and as though you cannot go on any more usually leads to feelings of self-resentment and furthermore anger.

What You Need To Know:
Being energy depleted will slow you down and hinder you from having a good productive lifestyle because all you will do is sit at home and not do anything you will feel so sorry for yourself and you will not be interested in anything or even anyone. This will lead to isolation and maybe even depression. It is important that you maintain positive energy in your life.

It is possible that if you lead a slow and boring lifestyle your friends will find you boring and you will realize that you are not invited to a baby shower or a barbeque and you will be asking yourself why you were left out, maybe it is because you drain the life out of a party or gathering. Maintaining a positive attitude will also rub off your friends and colleagues and they will be motivated to be like you and that will help you in overall because you will always be surrounded by active lively and bubbly people. At work being active and alert will convince your boss more that he needs you on the board or even in the leadership committee because of your lively and attentive personality.

Lat words:
There are endless reasons in how your energy in your life may affect you positively and gain you more advantages than if you were lifeless and drained. No one wants to hang around the lifeless person who never wants to do anything or go anywhere and you cannot affect people positively in your life if you yourself are lifeless and in need of positive attitude.