Offered in your choice of persimmon or onyx (think dark orange or black), the Jawbone UP24 is a Bluetooth enabled fitness tracker which also helps you monitor and improve your sleep cycles. The stylish looking wrist wrap simply looks like an attractive bracelet, and is fashionable in appearance on both men and women. Jawbone has developed the reputation for manufacturing outstanding fitness and health monitoring tools, so let’s slap their UP24 on our wrist and take it for a spin.

Key Elements of the UP24 by Jawbone:
* Capable of syncing wirelessly in real time for in-activity notifications and monitoring
* Gives you personalized insights recorded as you sleep and exercise to keep you progressing toward your goals
* Track Activity feature logs distance, calories burned and active versus idle time, in addition to steps taken
* Power Nap function wakens you when you will feel the most refreshed
* Track your sleep patterns, which include how long it takes you to fall asleep, how often you awaken, and the total hours slept

Is the Jawbone UP24 a Smart Purchase?

Offering more than simple pedometer functionality, the UP24 by Jawbone is available in large, medium and small sizes.

Working wirelessly through Bluetooth access, this fitness tracker can even log what you drink and eat, and track nutritional data through photographs and scans that you make with your smartphone or tablet.

The required lithium-ion battery is included.

The UP24 was designed to effectively monitor your day and nighttime activity to help you regulate and improve your overall health and fitness levels.

One nice feature is the built-in Milestone alert, which allows you to program and celebrate certain key moments as you become healthier, slimmer, stronger.

And since many health experts say that teaming up with someone else helps you stay focused on your fitness improvement efforts, the UP24 has been programmed with an application that allows you to share your accomplishments with your friends.

The newest addition of the UP App has improved its tracking ability, and efficiently integrates with the sports and fitness applications you already use. Compatible with Strava, Wello, RunKeeper and other apps, the versatile Jawbone UP24 can access software in the UP lineup for fitness tracking, weight loss monitoring, sleep coaching, detailed nutrition journaling and more.

For anyone concerned about their health and fitness, the UP24 by Jawbone is an extremely well-rounded fitness, sleep and nutrition tracker.

Priced at the mid to high end for similar devices, the fashionable and functional wrist-worn bracelet-style fitness tracker makes a smart purchase for someone that wants to track both day and nighttime health and body functions and fitness, while also wearing a good-looking wrist strap.