• Vegetable oil or olive oil
  • Four small carrots (Julienne).
  • One large onion, sliced into thin rings.
  • One celery stalk, sliced lengthwise into strips.
  • Six large button mushrooms, sliced, not chopped.
  • One large tomato, skinned and sliced.
  • Cabbage, thinly sliced, enough for two diners.(Cut off hard bits).
  • Mixed herbs, salt (or garlic salt), fresh ground pepper to taste.


Place enough oil in a NON-STICK pan to just cover the bottom (about two table spoons).

Place all the veggies except the cabbage in the oil. Turn down the heat and fry for eight minutes, turning from time to time. Add the herbs etc and stir in.

Add the cabbage after approx. eight minutes. Turn up the heat and fry for three minutes.

ALTERNATIVE ADDITION:To the above can be added cooked brown rice and/or cooked soya mince.

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 10 – 15 min

Nutrition Information: Not sure, but if prepared properly, it sure ta