Hey stop staring at me!!Can you walk in my shoes? I believe that’s the number question when I see overly fit ladies. I was never a fitness freak or that 6am woman jogging in her sport kit every morning just to get fit. Before I decided to apply at the gym, I was a different woman. I would rather sit on the couch with a bucket of popcorn and a cup of ice cream doing nothing. Every time I stared in the mirror, I felt this guilt within me and I would quickly make a resolution within me to join a gym. One day, I woke up after sleeping for long period of hours. That day, as I stared at the mirror, I was shocked beyond words on the reflection I saw of myself. I knew deep down that I was beauty but I also knew I wasn’t fit and healthy. I needed to take the bold step. I decided to enroll in a gym and get myself into shape.

As I got into the gym, I discovered that it was a world of its own and everyone had each other’s back. It was more like a family. I was initially scared of being screamed at or mocked when I do something wrong or can’t perform properly. I was shocked to see that everybody was focused on achieving their personal goals even though they were still supportive. After about 2 weeks, I began to experience drastic results in my physical appearance. With the results already showing, I was highly inspired and decided to give it all my best. I made use of the stair stepper, jogging, stationary bike, and watched the food I ate. As I became more confident, I advanced to other complex exercise machines. I began to put in more efforts in the various exercises.

I knew there was transformations taking place in my body size and even in my mind. I noticed I became lighter, happier, and my mind was more relaxed. Although, the race to get to this healthy state of mine was not an easy one but I was determined to achieve. I have been able to connect to other friends who have taught me to appreciate life and beauty. A lot of people approach me in public and when I tell them that I am already 57 years old, they sound shock. I believe being fit and super healthy at 57 years old isn’t just a one day turnaround. I am always quick to offer them my advice of registering in a well-organized gym. I have learnt through my journey to fitness that we can achieve whatever we put your mind to do. Being fit at 57 years is a prayer answered and I feel why we procrastinate activities that will sharpen our lives. Why are you comfortable with your present state and you don’t do anything about it? Enroll in a gym today and get fit and healthy. I must salute my family and friends for being there for me to achieved this great joy. ‘So, Can you walk in my shoes?