The wealth of being healthy. The wealth of being happy. The wealth of loving and being loved. That my friends makes you one of the wealthiest people on the planet!

I know many of you that are reading this APPEAR to be BROKE! Notice, that I used the word “appear” and not ARE. You are not broke. Never have been and never will be. How can I say that when there isn’t a dime in your pocket or purse, and tomorrow there is the possibility, that you may have to leave your home as your lights, gas or phone may be turned off? You still aren’t broke. Yeah right! That’s your response to what you are reading. I already hear your sarcastic thoughts as you sit in the middle of your fear, confusion and shame. However, again I will say you are not broke. It just appears you are broke. What does broke mean? When we use the word broke, what is the message we are sending to our spirit? What is the feeling that we are cementing to our souls?

Broke means you are shattered. Broke means you are beyond repair. Broke means that you can be swept away as easily as a piece of dirt. Broke means you are divided. Now, as you sit with your problems mounting with zero visibility of clearing, ask yourself the following:

• Are you shattered?
• Are you beyond repair?
• Are you a piece of dirt that can be easily swept away?
• Are you divided?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have just lied. You have problems and they need to be solved. You have issues that need to be resolved. However, you are not BROKE! Again, you are NOT BROKE. You merely need to make decisions RIGHT NOW that will make sense for RIGHT NOW. Don’t OVER REACT. Don’t OVER THINK. SIT DOWN and take a DEEP BREATH. EXHALE SLOWLY. Repeat these three times. Now GET UP and go to a door that opens to the outside. OPEN THE DOOR and STEP OUTSIDE. Forget the weather.

Go outside. Take three more very deep breaths and exhale slowly. Remain still and look up at the sky. Say quietly as you remain looking at the sky: THANK YOU. As you say thank you, remember whatever you are experiencing at this moment: THIS TOO SHALL PASS and it is your choice when it passes and most importantly, how long it will take to pass. You may be feeling as if you are cracking, however, don’t despair YOU ARE NOT BROKE.