Are you searching for a fitness app? Look no further. While many different applications flood the market, you can easily narrow your options down to just a handful. It all depends on what exactly you’re hoping your fitness app will do for you.

Weight Tracker: Happy Scale:
This little application is sure to become your new best friend. Do you weigh yourself regularly? Do you ever get discouraged when you see the scale standing still–or even going up–when you have been doing everything right? Happy Scale takes a moving average of your daily weigh-ins to help you see your progress overtime. It also predicts your weight based on current trends, and you can even get predictions for specific days based on your trends, like how much you’ll weigh on the date of your high school reunion or vacation.

Food Tracker: MyFitnessPal or LoseIt:
It’s a tie in this category because there are simply so many great options. MyFitnessPal is one of the most well-known and it offers a good variety of tracking tools for free. It actually has weight and measurement tracking built right in, and so does LoseIt, its biggest competitor. With this one, you’re best off installing both and seeing which interface you prefer.

Both are very clean and user-friendly. You can scan the barcode of any food you eat, look it up in the database, or enter the details manually so that you can keep a proper and accurate food log each day of your life. The apps are fast, so you’ll never be discouraged when it comes to pulling out your phone and tracking your meals.

Exercise Program: Nike Training Club:
If you want a wide variety of professional-led workouts for free, definitely trust the Nike Training Club. It features a long list of programs, some using your body weight, others using home exercise equipment, and some utilizing stuff you’ll find at the gym. It keeps tracking of your streaks, total number of workouts, and other interesting stats. Plus, it estimates your calorie burn, which is a fantastic tool to have.