It is awesome that you have decided to take up running!

You may be doing so for a particular health reason, like trying to lose weight. No matter what your motivation, exercise of any form is good. Like other physical fitness practices, running requires certain gear. You want to wear loose fitting shirts and shorts, that much is a no-brainer.

Obviously, you’re going to need some type of shoe that is made for the consistent, pounding motion that running requires.

Check online reviews, ask other runners what they think, and formulate an opinion as to what shoes you want to try. Then hit your local sporting goods stores, and shop around. Once you think you’ve located just the right shoe, you don’t want to immediately try them on and take them to the sales counter, however.

Your feet begin the day at their smallest size. Even if you live a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, your feet will be larger in the evening than they are when you first wake up. This is because your feet swell and grow during the day. That means that the best time of day for purchasing running shoes is …

… in the evening!

Just as your feet grow in size during the day, they swell as you run. If you purchase running shoes when your feet are small, and then they grow and swell as you run, this can lead to a painful experience, not to mention injuries. Before you try on any set of running shoes, make sure you do so only after you have put some mileage on your feet during the day.