Have you compromised your success with the selling of your integrity, your character and your soul? Did you pawn your moral compass to move unguided and without accountability? Can you enjoy the spoils of your victories, while feeling barren because you know the manner in which they were accomplished doesn’t allow for a full appreciation? Then the question is quite simple “what price for your success?”

In the early days of your journey, you spoke of “never selling your soul.” You were quite confident in your position. You wanted to compete with class, mutual benefit and uncompromising values. You had witnessed those who had fallen prey to greed and vanity. You were determined to keep your distance from “those people.” You wanted to be different. You claimed you would always travel the high road because you wanted to assure yourself, that when your time in the game had reached its end, you wanted to know and feel that you had done it with the highest of character and moral substance. You wanted to be proud of “how” you achieved and allow the “number” of achievements to stand on their own. However, as you see, know and most definitely feel, “you didn’t follow your moral compass” and despite your material acquisitions and public adoration, you have been lost as you traveled “south” of your soul.

Recognizing greed and vanity as your chauffeurs; you take a closer view of the passing landscape and realize you need “emergency roadside assistance” as you are in full “cardiac arrest of the soul.” This emergency is of epic proportion as your “present and future” is at stake. You actually believed that you were the “chosen one” and you would escape all that you had intentionally done to yourself and more importantly “to others.” You actually believed that you could lie, cheat and steal and not suffer any consequences. This was the “game” and everyone played it this way. You were merely doing what was necessary and by any means necessary to achieve your success. However, you realize that what you “sold” for the price of your success and what you have “received” has left you empty and unfulfilled. You have the “trappings without the joy” and the “success without the fulfillment.” What now is the true price for your success?

Your true price for your success is an “emptiness that cannot be filled by people, places or things.” You have judged your accomplishments through” the eyes of others” as you view yourself “through your own.” Would your soul appear “unforgiving” if it asked “as a fool should you suffer gladly?”
Should you suffer gladly or should you be able to say “I’m sorry” and then be “free to go?” You felt, as many do, that you would be judged by your Creator when your time had expired. However, you have become aware that your “conscious” has no timeframe and has “quietly awakened.” Your conscious has been a “witness” to your choices and never interfered with your “free will.” However, you heard the “voice” on many occasions and ignored the “whispers.” You made a “choice not to listen” and pushed the voice aside. ” You bought and sold your “soul” without giving consideration that eventually you would have to pay, however you gambled that it would be “later rather than sooner.”
Only you can answer the question “what price for your success?” and more importantly “is the cost worth the price of your soul?”