What horde insider facts you hold up there
we can just strikingly speculate
Your riddles, time bolted
and unwilling yet to impart
What light i saw
could have been conceived a billion prior years
you are antiquated legends, retold over shining blazes
dominions of the divine beings, we are told.
In time, as we developed savvier,
we challenged, we tested your dull canvas
Your profundity, i couldn’t comprehend
the colossal separation you compass.
Assuming that i could carry on a million resurrections,
i conjecture i couldn’t navigate you from finish to end.
Today, on such a chilly night,
in a miniscule specialty on a blue planet,
as i lift my eyes to the boundlessness above,
the stars, they spoke to me in lights of life.
On this planet, turning, are we.
Sun oriented Planetary System,
powder to earth to life to earth to slag
trilobites in shale, archaeopteryx in golden
Beatles on wax, remembrances in silicon brains
man pursuing gold pursuing dreams pursuing popularity
notwithstanding what light i saw
could have been me a billion prior years.