Sometimes we feel that we just don’t have any time in the world to spare for our own health. With the pressures of work and family it seems that every hour of the day is taken doing something other than improving our health. Maybe there is a solution to this hectic lifestyle that can give you the benefits of improved health and get the same amount done in the day.

If the dog needs a walk, then how about taking it for a run instead.
You will still be out for the same amount of time but you will be getting increased benefit from running rather than walking.
Or, if you don’t like running, you can step up the pace of your walk.
Not only will you be getting fitter, but your pet will also be healthier.

And if you have to mow the lawn on the weekend then try walking faster with the mower, or if you have a big property run with the mower.
Now that will give you a good workout and you will have more time for relaxation in the time you have saved by mowing the lawn faster.

Try walking to work rather than driving the car or park the car a little further from your office and walk the extra distance. Go for a walk or run at lunchtime rather than sitting in the lunchroom or your office.

If you are sitting in an office all day working at a desk try doing leg extensions as you sit there. Even without weight resistance you will still be exercising your legs and you can add weights if you like to get more benefit from these exercises. Drink water rather than coffee and tea to boost your energy and you might just find the energy to spend a little more time on yourself.