For some, prayer has become in arrears. It ‘s something, as he sat on the bench, or on a cot at bedtime. Or, sometimes, prayer is offered Cosmos desire and a sincere desire. However, the allocation of prayer is a vibrant, dynamic and change, and should be an integral part of his life.

Simply put, prayer is a respectful dialogue between God and man. When you pray, remember that everything you have and everything that you and your strength, grace and mercy of a true God. When you”re prayer to God, which provides access to Word, the Holy Spirit, and actually become stronger and deeper, and allows the seed of faith planted firmly.

This conversation with God begins with opening your mind, soul and spirit of what God has to say, both a voice still weak, and the Bible. In addition to prayer, and place your order and welcomed the presence of God, prayer is also to be able to hear God’s voice. Sometimes the answer is easy to determine, and sometimes our ability to hear the voice of God is hindered by many others we hear in our daily lives. Pray with respect and devotion is one of the best ways to focus solely on the word of God and what he says.

Throughout the Bible, the act of praying is not seen as something done without thought, or as an obligation. There are numerous examples of prophets, disciples, and even Jesus praying to God in a sincere, alert manner. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus implored Peter to “watch and pray” with him, extolling him to be alert and watchful. In the letters of Paul, there are many examples of his encouraging words, telling his fellow Christians to pray in reverent and focused manner.

When someone prays, this is not for the sake of God. God knew from the beginning all the potential in you, and it is through prayer, you can open your grace, and the potential to become a true Christian who were supposed to.