It completely belongs to you and is under your full dominion and control. It has been with you since your birth and most likely will follow you through eternity. It has caused immense joy and regrettable sorrow; yet many still do not grasp the magnitude of its importance. It is the driving force of your soul and the single element of your spirit that your Creator refuses to alter. It is “your will.” You have heard countless times “where there’s a will, there is a way.” However, “where there is your will, there is your way.” Your will helps and hinders you. It is helpful in your spiritual awakening as you will require its fortitude to “break down” firmly cemented thought patterns. It can hinder you if allowed to roam without your firm and loving guidance.

We all have witnessed a child with a very strong will. In some situations we applaud the child’s will, however, when the will is out of control, we know there is a problem. Your will can sometimes be likened to a child who has gone undisciplined. Imparting discipline to an undisciplined child can be challenging at best. The child can be stubborn and many times when your frustration level has reached its maximum, you want to give up. This is your undisciplined will: an inner child that needs you to impart your guidance.

Your will knows that it is “free.” It is aware it is the element of your soul that your Creator allows you to “reign.” However, what your will doesn’t take into consideration is that you are free, however, your will isn’t. It must abide by your rules. This must be kept in the forefront of your mind especially while rebuilding your spiritual connection to your higher self. Because your will has been allowed to roam undisciplined for such a long time, it fights back when you attempt to bring it under control. Remember, it is like a child that has gone unattended and is not accustomed to having persistent discipline and accountability.

While at times you may feel there is a “war waging” between your “good will” and your “untamed will”, remember you are the “parent” of this child inside and it is within your power to “win” the war. You must balance focus and determination to win against your will. You must erase the voices of your will that want to do what it wants to do. Your focus and determination are crucial. Spirituality requires us to be focused and determined and most importantly to control our will. Our will wants to be instantly gratified. It doesn’t want to wait for anything. It wants to do as it wants to do. It wants to be the best; however it can get off course without your guidance, without your control. Your will needs you to take control. Your will requires that you lead and not follow.
Controlling your will allows you to handle what lies ahead. Remember, you are not controlled, you are the controller. Your will is free, however, it is only as free as you determine it to be. Your Creator has given “you free reign” and wants you to command your will and not your will commanding you. If you command as you should, then “where there is your will, there will always be a way.”