Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder looking to get ripped before a competition, an athlete focused on increasing strength, or just someone wanting to tone up for the bikini season, the Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout equipment is the way to go. Although designed to provide a laser focus on your core, this fitness tool is more than your average ab machine. The machine not only engages your triceps, biceps, forearms, abs, and back muscles in a thorough workout, it can also be used to work your glutes, hamstrings, and leg muscles. So, whatever body part you are looking to firm up, this Wonder Core Smart fitness equipment is guaranteed to deliver satisfactory results.

Features of the Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment:
In a nutshell, the Wonder Core Smart workout tool consists of a seat, 2 padded moving rollers, resistance springs at the sides, and a knob for adjusting resistance. Each part provides a unique function all of which add up to give the Wonder Core Smart fitness machine the overall ability to get you in amazing shape if used regularly alongside a proper diet. Here’s a quick look at those functions:

• The seat performs the function of keeping you comfortable and safe as you workout. It has a padding that ensures optimum comfort and a solid base that prevents slipping or sliding when the tool is placed on a mat.

• The rollers are fitted with a 2-way resistance that keeps whatever muscle you are working engaged on both the way up and down. As a result, you get double the impact and therefore double the results whether you’re engaging in a core, cardio, or strengthening workout.

• The included knob enables you to easily set the device’s resistance over a range of 24 to 48 pounds. The lower end of the resistance scale is perfect for those looking to rehabilitate injured muscles while the upper end delivers an effective workout that strengthens and tones up the muscles.

Is the Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment Worth Buying?
The Wonder Core Smart Total Core workout tool is a great buy. In addition to being effective, versatile, and capable of adjusting to your fitness level, the machine also:

• Comes fully assembled and ready to use
• Features a foldable design that makes it easy to store and transport
• Has a compact size that enables you to use the machine anywhere including in front of the TV
• Supports a variety of exercises including pushups, sit ups, ab tucks, scissor kicks, among others
• Comes with a little mat for placing under the device during use
• Includes an exercise DVD, instruction manual, and meal guide in its packaging

Despite its many benefits, the Wonder Core Smart total workout equipment does have a couple of downsides that restrict it to a certain group of people. The device is not for big people as the seat is rather tiny in size and therefore makes it uncomfortable or impossible for people with a large frame to use the machine. What’s more, for someone who has built a lot of strength from years of regular workouts, the resistance range is somewhat small. Therefore, if you’re a fitness freak who is used to lifting heavy weights, this machine’s resistance may not be able to provide a challenging workout.

So, bottom line is, the Wonder Core Smart fitness tool will only be beneficial if you are a small-framed person who is just getting started on your fitness journey, is relatively fit and wants to tone up, or needs to rehabilitate/strengthen weak or injured muscles.