Imagine that whilst playing in the garden, you hear tiny voices and go off to see who it could be. Describe what happens next.
If there were no TV, radio, or computers – what might you do instead?
If all the sea suddenly drained away, what would it look like?
What is the best view you could possibly have out of your bedroom window if you could choose anything, anywhere?
Imagine something is moving in the loft space above your bedroom. Everyone else is asleep, so you take your torch and go and investigate. Write about what might happen next.
Invent the best toy you can think of. Describe it.
Tell me about the last time you did something really kind.
f you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
What makes a best friend?
Which day of the week do you like best and why?
f you could ask your teacher one question about themselves, what would it be and why?
Pretend it is your birthday and the postman has delivered a box too big to fit in the house. Write about what might be in the box.
Picture yourself in a gloomy castle, exploring it with two friends. You find a door that is not locked and enter. Write about what happens next.
Imagine that when the family are asleep, their garden gnomes come to life and do some very bad things! Write about these naughty gnomes.
What would it be like if your dog spoke to you, but only when there was nobody else around? What would the dog say and how would you prove he could talk?
Which is your favourite season and why?
Tell me what you really like about where you live.
Close your eyes and really imagine you are lying in your bed at home. Now tell me what you can hear.
Imagine you buy a newspaper with the headline; ”The First Elephant in Space” – write about what the story would tell you.
Write about your friends earliest memory.
Tell me about a really long queue you have been in.
Tell me about your favourite bedtime story. Maybe try and make one up of your own.
Describe three smells you can smell at your school!
Imagine that a gate at the bottom of your friend Billy”s garden opened onto the moon. Write about what happens next.
If you decided to run away and join a band of pirates, what might it be like?
Imagine if a smelly skunk wanted to join a rock band. Describe what might happen.
If you did not live in a house and had to live in something else, what would you like that to be and why?
Imagine if we all walked sideways like crabs. What funny problems might that cause?
What are dreams made of?
Imagine what would happen if you and a friend dug a huge hole and did not stop digging for a year. Where would the hole end up, what would it look like?
If a lion could talk, what might it say about being moved from the jungle to a zoo near you?
Invent and write about a really scary school dinner lady.
Tell me about the item of clothing you most like to wear. What does it look like and why is it your favourite?
Consider what might happen at a party which had a very, very, very unusual guest.
Tell me about a time you were really bored.
Why do people keep diaries and what sort of things do they write about? Would you like to keep a diary, or do you even do so already?
Do you like really wild weather? Tell me about some and why you liked it.
Why when birds are asleep at night, do they not fall out of trees? We would!
Imagine a bear who wanted to make friends with people, only to find everyone was scared of him. Write about what might happen.
If you could be any animal, what would it be?
What would you look like if you cut your own hair… in the dark!
Sid Snake goes on holiday to the seaside, write about what might happen.
ell me what you would get up to if you could be an astronaut for a day.
Describe your secret friend who you can only see by using a mirror.
What funny things might happen if you had to spend the day walking backwards?
Tell me about a doctor you know. What makes a good doctor do you think?
Finishing a book is like waving goodbye to a best friend. Do you agree with this?
Tell me about when you have made a really big mess in your house.
Go into your room and tell me about an item you can see in there.
Imagine you have a friend who lives miles away and who is coming to stay with you for a week. Write him a letter describing your home and family and what you can both do together.