You has all the earmarks of being extremely reserved and to a degree delicate,
Inclining, in the same path as a tree reluctant to light,
Slyly a long way from her happiness. X-bars, nonetheless,
uncover a sylvan sprite,
A-drivel like a feathered animal behind her shroud.
You are not one, yet many individuals.
Life courses through her points of confinement like a stream,
Entering her while leaving an interchange.
X-shafts exhibit to one,
yet we know of abundance:
Predecessors mixing with descendents;
Close relatives spilling through the conduits;
Demise, the committed eminent chaperon of her graces,
Resting momently in late remains,
Alive again in her mixed personnel.
You are pressed with much love.
Light encounters you from her laughing eyes.
Excited for the lilt of life,
X-raying you again for sheer satisfaction,
Deviously looking over your cover,
She focuses a decent fit for the heart,
furthermore never misses. You are seems to
be extremely unassuming and to some degree slight,
Inclining, in the same route as a tree contradicted
to light, Evasively a long way from her delight.
X-pillars, be that as it may, uncover a sylvan sprite,
Serious as a splendid winged
animal behind her blanket,
Singing to the moon for the length of time of the night.