Are you yearning for something? Do you have an itch within your soul that will not go away? Is there something within your heart that brushes your face before you sleep and awakens you with a slap?

If you are feeling this thing within your heart and it constantly nags at your soul, then you have a yearning. A yearning is a constant reminder that you have something that you should be doing. You may have known of this yearning for years or you may have recently discovered it was there. If it has lingered for years, then you must get busy and feed it. If it has recently appeared, then most likely you have cleared some clutter and now you can hear its voice.

We all yearn for something. How do you know if you are yearning? YOU KNOW! How do you know? It will not allow you to rest. It may go away, or you may go away for a few days or weeks or months; however, the yearning will ALWAYS reappear. Why? The yearning is what you have been called to do. The yearning is your imprint upon the world.

The yearning is your legacy. The yearning is what will remain long after you have moved to the next step in your existence. You must take care of this yearning. You must take the time to understand what the yearning is expecting from you. You must allow the yearning to show you where you should be headed.

Over the next few days allow the yearning to speak to you. Ask the yearning to shout if it needs to. Move over within your thoughts and give the yearning space. The yearning is TELLING you….I’m ready now…lead me to my destiny.