The manner you say the stuff you do
The softness of the words you choose
The times that you can study my mind
And take my concerns out of sight
Your hands concerning my lips

And say a kiss is still a kiss
And when you have a look at me I see
I see the pain which you needed to feel

You have to’ve had a damaged coronary heart, to like me the way do
have to’ve been so torn apart, i’m able to see it once I have a look at you
all of the that means that is in your eyes, the affection you supply will never die
and that i knew proper from the begin, you should’ve had a damaged coronary heart

You appear to have that positive smile
I cannot neglect after a while
The day you walked into the room
right away I knew the harm that you’d been thru

from time to time when its past due at night time and that i see your face in the hearth mild
showing all of the love you have for me, properly i really like you as a great deal
have to’ve had a broken coronary heart
all the which means that is to your eyes, the love u give will never die
and i knew right from the begin, you have to’ve had a damaged heart