Today I need you to BE YOU! Just be you. The great and the not very great. The incredible and the not very good. Just BE YOU today. We’re going to begin off by keeping it straightforward. I need you to think of ALL THAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER without permitting the GNATS OF NEGATIVITY to meddle. Remember: THEY HAVE ONE SOLE PURPOSE and that is to KEEP YOU AWAY FROM YOUR GREATNESS.  I need you to drive them aside with the quickness of a crying breeze and repel them. Today, I need you to BE YOU!

I’m not catching that’s meaning to you? Initially, who are you? It is safe to say that you are the LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD or are you THE CABOOSE that is being hauled along? Who are you? You have a decision today. You can keep on floundering in your deliberate restrictions or you can deliver the enormity that was given to you as it has been given to all who have followed up on it. What is your decision today? It’s up to you. At this moment, as of now you have the decision to choose what it is you need to do. There might be physical impediments, money related confinements, wellbeing constraints and a large group of different contemplations. Be that as it may, your THOUGHTS ARE FREE and inside this minute you have FREEDOM OF CHOICE. You have the decision to BE GREAT RIGHT NOW. Ask yourself: What can I do RIGHT NOW that will enable me to push my life ahead? What can I do RIGHT NOW?
Accomplish SOMETHING RIGHT NOW that will start to open your entryway of significance. In the event that a recommendation can be made that will appear to be so little but then so profound: CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE! Start considering yourself incredible. Disregard the pictures that might demonstrate limitation. FORGET IT! Yes, at the present time, they might be simply the most exceedingly terrible potential pictures, in any case, give an opportunity and for a couple of minutes today: BE YOU and BELIEVE THAT THE REAL YOU are WAITING TO BE RELEASED.

Put stock in that motor that lives inside you that chugs along pulling all your high points and low points and ins and out. That little motor that never comes up short on gas and with a couple of musings will re-begin whenever hindered at any minute. That little motor is you. That is your motor of chance. That motor needs to take you wherever you wish as all it needs is your responsibility and explicitly your course.

Enable that little motor to move you along in your life. Tell the little motor where you need to proceed to furnish your little motor with exact bearings. That little motor is revved up and prepared to go. All it needs is you! What’s more, recollect the best things here and there come in the littlest of bundles and you are… the little motor that could, would and will complete it!